Hair Wigs

Our hair wigs come in a variety of colours and lengths to pick from. You will undoubtedly find one that is ideal for you and your style. We are constantly working to improve the hair quality while maintaining our consumers as our top priority. Our hair wigs offer a solution for baldness, also giving you improved style, colour, texture, quality, length, and volume to your natural hair.

  • We provide highest quality human hair wigs and the best wigs overall.
  • You can style it, cut, curl, straighten or dye it (amazing).
  • What distinguishes this type of wig from regular human hair wigs is the cuticle layer is still intact.

Wearing a wig not only protects the natural hair underneath your wig, but it also encourages regrowth.



What they are saying about us

Hair Returns Studio provides leading hair loss treatment and procedures worldwide. There is a very good reason why we are at the forefront of hair replacement and restoration – our results speak for themselves.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

Women suffer from hair loss too, and Hair Returns Studio has real solutions that help women to look their best. Explore breakthrough hair loss procedures that include next-generation hair loss solutions to guarantee you 100% results.

Sara Wilsson


Hair Returns Studio clinically proven laser technology with an iconic design. This targeted laser treatment delivers nourishing laser light energy directly to your hair follicles to reverse the thinning process and regrow your hair.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

All treatments of Hair Returns Studio fulfill one mission, that is, to take a pragmatic view of the situation and fulfill the expectations and requirements of our esteemed clients.

Matt Brandon


Supernatural is yet another one of Hair Returns Studio’s incredibly-powerful concepts for baldness treatment for men and women in India.

John Larson



Frequently Asked Questions

  • The hair loss problem in the last few decades has become one of the most common health issues that generally affects the confidence and general well-being of many individuals. Fortunately, Advanced Hair Studio has many solutions for hair growth as there are many types of treatments to reduce, reverse or regenerate our hair loss. Hair transplant is the best and one of the most trusted treatments for baldness. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, we provide hair restoration treatments for men including hair transplant that gives a hundred percent natural results. Women can also undertake these treatments. Some of our treatments are Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic, Strand-by-Strand Ultimate, Advanced Hair Check, Advanced Laser Therapy, Supernatural, AHS Complete, etc.

  • Excessive hair loss from the scalp, which leads to the top of the scalp turning completely hairless and smooth, is usually referred to as baldness. A hair transplant is one of the best solutions you have in case of baldness. However, hair loss can be controlled by maintaining a healthy diet, consuming food items rich in iron, fiber, B complex vitamins, and healthy fats, maintaining thyroid levels and blood sugar but typically, hair follicles once lost cannot be regained. Hence, if you notice any signs of hair loss and are already experiencing baldness, then the best solution is to take proper hair treatment. Hair transplant offered here at Advanced Hair Studio is one of the most successful hair loss treatments in order to get rid of baldness.

  • Alopecia Areata is a hair loss problem that directly attacks the hair follicles and occurs due to the low immune system. One could be suffering from this autoimmune disorder whenever you are finding that hair is possibly coming out in batches and leading to patches on the scalp. This problem is common among both males and females having across ages and hence anyone including adults or children of any age group may also get affected by the same.

  • Yes, it is completely possible. But first, it is important to know the cause of losing hair. If you’ve been losing hair or if you think you’re at risk of hair loss or thinning, then you must find out the appropriate solution for it. You can have oral medication; topical medication, herbal supplements but all these options will give you temporary results, if any. Hence, if you are looking for a permanent solution for hair loss and hair regrowth, then going for a hair transplant or the other possible solutions for hair restoration for men are to be accepted as the better options. You can consider this to be the best hair regrowth for men in India. Same solutions apply for women sufferers also. Our hair experts, doctors, technical experts as well as surgeons here at Advanced Hair Studio offer various hair loss treatments to people from all around the world.

  • A hair transplant is certainly considered as a solution by many due to it being the best as well as a permanent solution for balding as well as certain kinds of hair loss problems. The few top of the mind things you need to take care of are the choice of the right hair fall clinic in India and the expert team, including the surgeon you are choosing for the same. The selection of the surgeon should be done properly to get the best and long-lasting results. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, the surgeons hold years of experience and expertise in performing hair transplants and other hair restoration procedures. The hair transplant provided by our studios gives a hundred percent natural hair regrowth for men and women and permanent solutions to those who are experiencing baldness.

  • The hair loss issues are widespread these days that people of every age are losing hair. However, if we talk about age then there is no specific age because it totally depends upon the condition and the stage of your hair loss. Once the cause of the hair loss is identified you can go for a hair transplant as there is no maximum or minimum limit with regards to one’s age. The suitable age is when you start losing hair at a level which is not normal. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, you will get consistent benefits with assured result-oriented treatment for hair regrowth in India.